Sunday 19/5/2019 - Year 9's

May 22, 2019


Year 9's Match Report

Tom Parker - Year 9 Coach



Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory – Bill Russell, Centre for the Boston Celtics, 1956 – 1969

Football matches are rarely, if ever, won and lost in one moment. It is a collection of moments that determines a result … and usually it is the team with more “better moments” than not, that tastes the sweet, sweet nectar of victory.


Sundays match against Manning presented such a game. The game was a see-sawing affair all day with both teams having periods of dominance, but neither team able to break the shackles of the other. The game remained this way all day, except for a brief period of 10-12 minutes at the start of the final term. It was this period where the Rippers concentration and mental toughness trumped the Bears.


The first quarter commenced in a physical manner, with both teams scoring one goal apiece, although this was probably an underachievement by the Bears with large portions of the play being in the Bayswater front half. Good drive was coming from the midfield in Parker, Fewster, Maughan and Tot and with O’Rourke and Primerano mopping up across half back, the inside 50 count was lopsided. Despite not capitalising on the repeat entries, our defensive half remained staunch allowing Manning to only score once.


The second quarter was more of the same with both team scoring a couple of goals each. The mosquito fleet of the Bears, was getting busy with Horsfall, Poon and Anderson getting touches and power forwards Meldrum and Dixon making their presence felt. One tackle from Dixon was particularly bone crunching and a delight to watch. Again, our defensive efforts were excellent with Karageorgiou and Sapienza attacking the ball and player and being responsible for many clearing plays. The half time margin was 2 points in the Bears favour.


The second half would require a lift in gears and work rate. It was plainly obvious the team who worked the hardest, was disciplined longer and concentrated harder would win. The Bears were able to maintain this throughout the third quarter and with Manning scoring 2 straight to the Bears 1 goal 2 behinds (the goal being a thumping kick from Parker from outside 50) and Bayswater turned for home just two points down.


The next 10-12 minutes decided the match. Up until this point, the two teams had shared an equal number of “better-moment”. But at a crucial time in the match, the Bears concentration and mental toughness deserted them. The Manning midfield group took control of the clearances, scoring 3 goals from the centre breakdown and when Manning added a fourth goal after the Bears clawed one back, the result looked beyond doubt. The Bears were able to gather themselves with about 7-8 minutes to left to play, and to their credit fought the game out with last the two goals of the match.


Another positive performance from Bayswater shows there is much to like about this rebuilt team, but it appears the biggest question for the boys in red and green is can they maintain a concentration for long enough to take on the better teams in this division? Training attitude could well determine the answer.


Bayswater take on Thornlie this week at home and have the first chance to answer this question themselves.


Final Score
Baywater Bears JFC 7-5 47
Goals: Parker:2, Dixon:2, Poon, Portaro, Maughan
Best: Fewster, Parker, Sapienza, O'Rourke, Maughan, Horsfall


Manning Rippers Blue JFC 10-3  63



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