Sunday 26/5/2019 - Year 8's

May 27, 2019


Year 8's Match Report

Mike Scott - Year 8 Coach



An East Perth District Derby game at home v Morley Bulldogs was our game for this week, the first time we had played a team from last year since moving to Centrals Conference, so there was some familiarity about it and adding to the mix was that a lot of the boys know each other from school so there was also a sense of something to prove with this one.


The Bulldogs team had a number of their best players unavailable due to injury and had no bench, but we have been in the same situation this year, and we had to tough it out, so with a bench of three this week due to some Year 7's filling in, the boys where keen to get off to a good start. They didn't disappoint, the teamwork displayed was the best we have seen all year, and they were moving and sharing the ball well, and if it had not been for some inaccuracy (2-6), we would have been in a very commanding position at quarter time. So although we had the majority of the play we were by no means across the line, and they continued their great team play through out the second quarter into the breeze, and although low scoring we were gaining the ascendancy. The usual mid-field work from Ben, Jack, Zac, Trent (playing his 50th), Asher and Tanaka were providing plenty of opportunity for our forwards, and Kobe especially was reaping the reward of their hard work. When the ball did go back the work of Clancy, Chris, Jessie and Josh was as good as I have seen, they were almost unpassable.


The second half continued as the first half had, and our ability to rotate players was starting to tell. This really brought the Y7's into the game as well, and all four played some great football. Carter, Harry and Ben roaming the forward line were great targets, (and Harry snagging a goal), and Julian running his legs off from a wing was a great contribution from them all.


We had the game in our control by 3/4 time but continued to work hard in the last quarter to run out comfortable winners. The team football played this week was by far the best we have seen from the coaches bench, and is an indication of what they are capable off when they back them selves in. Increasing handball was a goal this week, and we had 43 for the match, which more than doubled our previous best of 21, and that ability to link up quickly was another reason why they controlled the game as they did.


We currently sit outright fourth on the ladder with a 3 & 2 record, and with the weekend off next weekend (long weekend), we will come back to see if we can put two wins together in a row.


Score: Bears  9-11  65  Bulldogs 1-2  8

Goals: 3 - Kobe, 2 - Asher, 1 - Zac, Harry (Y7), Sacha, Trent

Best: Clancy, Kobe, Tanaka, Ben, Jack, Zac, Chris, Josh



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