Sunday 26/5/2019 - Year 9's

May 29, 2019


Year 9's Match Report

Tom Parker - Year 9 Coach



Bayswater Bears have had an up and down season thus far. Heavily touted as the team to watch, after an off-season recruiting drive that netted a bounty of talent they have had some resounding wins, but disappointing losses when they looked well placed.


The Bears fans shuffled into Hillcrest Reserve for the big clash against the Thornlie Lions with an air of concern around what Baysie team would turn up and whether they could deliver on their undoubted promise. At the outset it looked like Baysie had the Lions in size and physicality, but kicking in to a Hillcrest Howler it was a dour affair initially. Enter Jimmy Glendinning … 2 quick opportunist goals and the Baysie machine was in motion. Choppy Dixon and Jack Portaro started to look dangerous and the Bears ended the first quarter with a 20 point lead.


With the breeze in the 2nd Q it was time for Baysie (aka the red terrors) to flick the turbo! With the midfield of Parker, Tot, Maughan, Fewster, O’Rourke, Henson getting first use of the ball … the forwards starting licking their chops. With Strohmeier and Horsfall kicking them from all angles the Bears were on fire!


The second half was more of the same from the Bears in what was a physical encounter at times. Mention must be made of Peter Karegeorgiou who’s tackling and speed around the ball was a pleasure to watch. With the back line of Sapienza, Anderson, Panton, Razor Rei, and Primerano constantly turning defence into attack … the opportunities continued up forward.


With Strohmeier, Choppy Dixon and Jack Portaro hitting the scoreboard at will … and Petrich and Fry getting their chances up forward … the Bears started to build towards a cricket score. While all this happened around them the Judge Pincus, Yan Yan Gasper and Isaac Meldrum provided countless leads, created space and a bit of occasional magic for what was an open forward line all day.


Come the last quarter of course it was time for Baysie’s secret weapon the J-Dog Hynes. A slick handball from Jimmy G to the J-Dog and he launched one onto Coode Street (or very close to it).


The Bears last Q effort had Baysie fans erasing memories of some of their 2018 shellackings! Despite the large winning margin it was nice to see the lads remain humble. A great game with plenty of running and most importantly long kicking from defence to attack.


Final Score
Baywater Bears 26-11 167  Thornlie Lions 4-6  30
Dixon:6 ; Strohmeier:5; Portaro:3; Parker:2; Glendinning:2; Horsfall:2; O'Rourke; Primerano; Karageorgiou; Tot; Hyne; Maughan
Best: Dixon,C ; Parker,P ; Karageorgiou,P ; Strohmeier,J ; Fewster,A ; Maughan,W ; Poon,R ; Horsfall,C ; Hyne,J


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