Sunday 16/6/2019 - Year 8's

Year 8's Match Report

Mike Scott - Year 8 Coach

This week we where away to Forrestfield, a side that had been promoted to our division after the re-grading, so we were not certain of what we where going to get. We were playing on a large oval, with only one interchange and missing one of our key backman Chris through injury, and a forward Kaisen, who was unavailable and they had a full bench of five, it was going to be tough.

The boys came out hard and full of running but Forrestfield were the first to get going in any meaningful way, and we where struggling to hit the scoreboard, but we did manage a first quarter goal from one of our two Year 7's, in Harry, who as all good forwards do was in the right spot when it counted. The second quarter was a closer fought affair, and our backline once again led by Josh and Clancy and very well supported by Caleb, Jessie and Tanaka was giving our midfield and forwards plenty of opportunity, but once again we struggled to assert ourselves, and we were behind by 15 points at half-time.

As has been the case in all our close games this year, we were behind, but we were not out of the game, and the boys were reminded to keep moving the ball and to look for their team-mates, and if they continued to work hard they would be rewarded.

The third quarter was an improvement from the first two, and the boys started to take control of the general play, Ben started to win in the ruck, which gave first use to Jack, Zac, Cole (Y7), Trent and Asher running through the midfield, and we started to have a few more shots on goal, but could only manage one in the third quarter, and we still had a 13 point deficit at 3/4 time.

A big last quarter was required, and the boys lifted, they seemed to be running Forrestfield off their feet, and with Kobe's goal on the run through half-forward, we were only 6 points down with about 5 minutes to play. We won the ball forward again, and Jessie marked in front, but missed the goal, but his point made it 5 points the difference, but more importantly the ball stayed at our end, and after another mark in front Kobe slotted his third since half-time and gave us a one point lead with only a couple of minutes remaining.

Forrestfield won the ball out of the centre, but our defence swarmed and although they had one last desperate shot at goal Josh managed to save the day by getting a touch on it, and limited it to a point, and with only a few seconds left that was it. So although we didn't get the win we came away with a draw, which considering the circumstances felt every bit like a win.

The game was easily our guttsiest effort for the year, and the way the boys responded with the effort required was outstanding. Every single player contributed to the result, it was a true example of a great team-effort. We play Forrestfield again later in the season at home, and hopefully with a few key players back we can chalk up a win.

Score: Bears 5-7 37 Forrestfield 5-7 37

Goals: 3 - Kobe, 1 - Zac, Harry (Y7)

Best: Kobe, Josh, Clancy, Ben, Jack, Zac, Cole (Y7), Trent, Asher, Jessie

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