Sunday 23/6/2019 - Year 8's

Year 8's Match Report

Mike Scott - Year 8 Coach

This week we where back at home playing Upper Swan, another team who was moved to our division after the re-grading, but unlike the Forrestfield team that we played last week are yet to win a game this season.

The message to the boys was once again to come out hard and try to get on the board early so as to apply some scoreboard pressure as well as some physical pressure. With the move of Sacha into the mid-field the pressure was certainly applied, and if not for some early inaccuracy in front of goals our quarter time score could have been bigger than it was. A five goal to one first quarter was an indication of where the game was heading.

With that in mind, a few more positional changes where made, and Clancy onto the wing paid off almost immediately. Normally rebounding off of half-back he found some freedom and managed two goals for the quarter, and plenty of the ball. Combined with the hard running (as usual) from Jack and Zac, Ben winning the ruck, and Sacha attack on the ball the forwards where getting plenty of shots on goal.

The boys where reminded that this game was an opportunity to play like we practice, and to try and move the ball with some precision and look to spot up leading team-mates.

They took heed of this advice and the ball movement was excellent, and the scoreboard continued to tick over. When Upper Swan did manage to get the ball forward, generally our defence managed to repel anything with ease, and managed to hold them to just two goals for the match.

We celebrated 50 games from Kaisen and Trent with a banner at the start of the game, and both boys played exceptional football. Kaisen managed a goal, and a heap of possessions, along with Trent who was running amok off the wing and through the midfield.

Once again we had a couple of Year 7's in Ben and Xavier, playing up, both manged to hit the scoreboard with goals, so our spread of scorers was the best it has been this year.

Considering the lopsided scoreboard the boys still stuck to a team oriented game, and kept looking for team mates at all times, which from a coaches perspective was great to see.

Score: Bears 18-15 123 Upper Swan 2-4 16

Goals: 4 - Kobe, Zac, 2 - Clancy, Jack, Jessie, Ben (Y7), 1- Kaisen, Xavier (Y7)

Best: Clancy, Sacha, Jack, Zac, Trent, Kobe, Kaisen

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