Sunday 23/6/2019 - Year 9's

Year 9's Match Report

Tom Parker - Year 9 Coach

A bruising game of football on Sunday saw Bayswater defeat ladder leaders Manning Gold by 34 points at James Miller Reserve. With a Sunday afternoon masterclass in toughness, physicality and skill, Bayswater sent a message to anybody playing them, that to stop the Bears at their best will take some doing. If the round 3 clash earlier in 2019, was against an understrength Manning Gold team and if it left some people with questions about the result, Sundays clash put many of those queries to rest. With Tot, Parker and Horsfall dominant through the middle of the ground, Glendinning, Hyne (SW), Fewster, Pincus, Dixon and Portaro making the most of opportunities up forward and O’Rourke, Maughan, Poon, Sapienza and Panton consistently repelling Manning’s attacking forays, it was the even team effort from Bayswater that was the most emphatic message to the rest of the teams in the Blue division.

It is still only round nine with 5 to go, but Bayswater’s intentions to become one of the divisions best are patently clear.

Six players delivered season best performances for the Bears – which plainly set the tone for their team mates. Cooper Anderson off half back, celebrated his birthday in style and completely blanketed his very-clever Manning opponent, with numerous marks and quality disposal; Peter Karageorgiou’s attack on the ball – and the player – had Manning players looking over their shoulders whenever he was in the vicinity; Jude Petrich’s performance as a mobile, key forward was brilliant (underlined by one of his magnificent goals: spinning out of trouble and slotting the ball post-high from 45m); Xander Henson in the ruck and switching to half back gave a textbook demonstration in disciplined contested football; Dion Primerano continues to add strings to the bow of his terrific 2019 season with his ability to run hard both ways and amass plenty of possessions. His two “run-down tackles” were absolute team lifters. Yannick Gasper across half forward was wonderful. He continually presented up the ground, giving his half backs and midfield clear passage forward, and his attempt to take mark of the year in the goal square was a little bit of the “Yan-Yan Magic” that the crowd loves.

All these young men were brilliant in the Bears’ methodical and clinical 34-point win over the Rippers – and it was only wayward kicking that prevented the margin being greater.

This was a dominant display by Bayswater and has a set new standard for this team going forward.

Bayswater v Manning games are always tough, with the Trinity/Aquinas rivalry sitting in the background as so many players from both sides attend these schools. It is particularly tough for two Baysie players – Cooper Horsfall and Lachie Panton – who play with their club mates on the Sunday (mostly Trinity boys) and have to face their school mates/Manning opponents (Aquinas boys) across the week. It would be confusing for the most focused of athletes to control their loyalty in such a situation. Horsfall and Panton’s sportsmanship throughout the game was first class, as was their attack on the ball when required and they lost no friends on the weekend with their approach … and they took the level of respect people have for them – especially the coaching staff and spectators of both teams – to an even higher plain. Both lads are fine examples to their team mates, school mates and opponents and represent the best of what footy has to offer.

Bayswater take on Manning Blue this week and they will be keen to reverse the round 4 result. Bayswater lose heart and soul player, Coby Perry to a recurring knee injury – a great loss, as Perry is a player who is not only passionate about his footy, but sets the standard for his attack, fearlessness and persistence in the contest. The Bears hierarchy are confident of welcoming him back before season end. The Bears received favourable news from the medicos during the week with a top-shelf replacement for Perry welcomed back into the side - Christian Marchesani – and the Bears should enter this week’s game as favourites.

Final Score Bayswater Bears 8-11 57 Manning Rippers (Gold) 3-5 23

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