Sunday 21/7/2019 - Year 9's

Year 9's Match Report

Tom Parker - Year 9 Coach

Round 10 saw an opportunity at home for the in form year 9 Baysie Boys to atone the previous two narrow losses to Ballajurra.

A key pre-game message was to lower the eyes and hit targets all over the ground and in particular leading targets inside 50. This was highlighted with in the first minute of play where Pat hit Jack on the half forward flank and Jack found James in front of goal with a super 40m pass. The signs looked great!!

Unfortunately the first quarter was dominated by Ballajurra and in particular at centre clearances as there mobile forward line took full toll of there opportunities. Ballajurra slammed on four goals with the breeze to Bayswater’s one.

After a stern quarter time address by Tom the boys lifted there intensity in the second quarter and slammed on three goals to one on the back off some great work in the midfield led by Pat, Ashton & Jet. Cooper A’s move to the wing was pivotal as he was able to find space with hard running and was able to link the play with great ball use. Diego was also winning the ball and showing plenty of dash at half back gaining a lot of ground for Bayswater with his penetrating run and long kicking.

After some key moves at half time particularly in the back line to help defend against a strong breeze and a focused and committed team effort the boys only conceded one goal and this saw us with in a couple of goals of Ballajurra at 3/4 time.

Now it’s time to win the game! With the aid of a strong breeze and an energised team the game was with in our grasp. The fourth quarter was a real dog fight with Ballajurra kicking the first goal but the never say die attitude of the Baysie Boys saw them respond with quick goals to Josh, Jude & Jack who were electric in the forward line. With 10 minutes remaining we were running all over the top of them and dominating field play and inside 50’s. Unfortunately we ran out of time and again left our run to late. We will have to lick our wounds, regroup, train hard and await a looming finals encounter for another crack at Ballajurra. The challenge is ours!

Special mentions go out to Pat, Jett & Ashton for working tirelessly all day, Cooper A with his run & ball use on a wing, Diego with his ball winning and run from half back & Jack with his creativity, game sense & ball use across half forward.

Final Score Bayswater Bears 8-9 57 Ballajurra 9-11 65

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